Why only one Allah?


Can’t there be 2? Would it be easier for 1 person to lift a table, or would it be easier for 2 people to lift? or 3 4 5?

Answer Of course, it would be much easier if 2 people lift a table, if the number is 4, it would be even easier. but the reason for this is that the concepts of easiness and difficulty apply to us, so the low level of our strength supports us with the help of other hands and makes the job easier. A person who can lift 100 kilos can easily lift 10 kilos alone, but people who can lift 2 kilos can only lift 10 kilograms when they are 5 people because their strength is insufficient. Because Allah, the almighty, has infinite power and strength, there is no difference between creating an atom for him and creating the universe. because its strength is absolute, his power has no rank so that when he does work, he spends x force on it, he is infinitely strong. The logic inference will be wrong, since here is a comparison of POWER based on the problem. While the strength of man, so his power, is limited, the might of the Creator is infinite. Naturally, it is impossible and unreasonable that the owner of infinite power could need the presence of a 2nd or 3rd assistant. Here, the question will become very understandable if we consider the incident in terms of management. If there are 2 leaders in a country, 2 governors in a province and 2 mayors in a village, you know, of course, they will be confused; How can that huge universe accept a 2nd hand? As the number of controllers increases, management control collapses completely with the inverse proportion logic, because management and control reject the 2nd hand. However, every detail of the universe is harmonious and balanced and in order. So it points to a single control. While even a driver who drives a car strongly rejects the steering of a second person, of course, the system in the big universe must be operated by one hand.


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