What is fate? Is there free will?


Destiny means that Allah knows beforehand about the events that will happen. For example, let’s think: If a stone is thrown in the scene that tells you when the trains will arrive at the train station, is the time of arrival and departure of the trains change? Or, if it breaks the scene completely, can we say that no train will come to that station again? No. Becaıuse information indicates to known. For it written on the screen, it does not mean that the trains are coming to the station, because the trains are writing on the screen for their future. 

Just like that: this does not mean that things happen to us due to Allah knows our destiny. It means that Allah knows due to we do something. One prefers to commit suicide at his own will. Allah created the result. Suicide is included the destiny. But the responsibility belongs to the person. Because a person chooses to commit suicide at his own will…


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