Is there chaos ın the unıverse?


First of all, these events are an impressive factor that allows us to notice order. Because if there is no irregularity, order incomprehensible. If we can say something its irregular, we must have understood the order and know what the order is. In this case, when we compare the order with irregularity, we can understand. If so, the irregularity is regular in what as of meaning. Also, when we look at the Big Bang, an explosion must create chaos every time but it is creating a delicate proportion universe. Chaos and order are brought together to attract human attention. Let’s consider a straight copper wire. Is copper wire artful while it is straight? Of course, it is not artistic. It is a normal ordinary copper wire. Well, let’s write AHMET with this copper wire. Now revealed thing as art be better than it was before? Of course, because it makes it meaningful. Can we say that there is no art here because it is the bent copper wire? Of course, we cannot say. As a result, a meaningful art emerged in an issue that seemed like a disorder. Just like that, the issues that seem like confusion show us a very harmonious order.


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