The Concept of Social Morals is a concept that can be shaped by people’s lifestyle, social structure, and acquired environmental factors and can change from society to society, from country to country, from century to century. Moral values ​​can be shaped from different perspectives, as we can already observe. The concepts of good and evil will also change according to one’s perspective in this context. For example, Robin Hood’s character is an example of this. The matter of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor Those who evaluate whether it is good or evil according to different moral measures reach different conclusions. So, as in the question, it is impossible for a person to find the concepts of good and evil without a guide and to come up with a single truth. Because the logic of human beings is in continuous development and maturation, even their decisions change day by day. A decision that makes sense to someone during adolescence, like it sounds very illogical when it reaches maturity. So the variability of Moral Values ​​and human logic makes it impossible to conclude. Since this is the case, of course, “person who does it knows and the person who knows speak.” by this rule the Allah who knows and who does it all system knows, what the absolute truth is. His saying is a result of logic. Since the Qur’an is both morality, dhikr, ideas, prayer, society and science, and the book of morality and it is universal and tells how to carry out family life and social order in the best way. It is logically necessary as it shows the way on every topic.

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